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Xiao Hui is a character in the 19 Days manhua.


Xiao Hui is first introduced as Zhan Zheng Xi’s admirer at school. She has long black hair and large, champagne coloured eyes.


Seems to serve as a plot device to forward Jian Yi and Zhan Zhengxi’s relationship. Upon Jian Yi comforting her after her love letter is posted on the school pinboard, she asks him if he is “one of those disgusting gays”.


  • She was not given a name until chapter 185.
  • She figured out Jian Yi likes his best friend before he did.
  • Persistently tried to give Zhan Zheng Xi her love letter despite constantly witnessing Jian Yi repeatedly playing grab-ass with him in public.
  • Was the key witness to getting Mo Guan Shan off the hook for supposedly raping a girl.
  • It's unknown who posted her love letter to Zheng Xi on the bulletin board or how they got it, but her rival Jian Yi, was the one who took it down.