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Description & PlotEdit

She Li is a nickname. Real name not yet known.

Trivia Edit

  • He always wears two silver rings and a strand of Buddhist beads around his wrist.
  • She Li is reportedly the head school bully in junior high, but does not seem to be a match for He Tian in a one-on-one fight.
  • He appears to initially have started off to revolve around Guan-Shan as a catalyst for his character development and the antagonist for the story arc, but upon rereading, he was interested in Jian Yi from the very beginning.
  • She Li unofficially debuted in chapter 117, listening into a conversation to find out Jian Yi's name. His face is not seen, but the rings and beaded bracelet are dead giveaways. He doesn't show up again until chapter 177.
  • After meeting Jian Yi in person face-to-face, he sits in the car and thinks about how nice Jian Yi's skin looks.
  • The next time he encounters Jian Yi, he is assaulted with a bottle of juice for sneaking up on him. He takes his shirt off and tells Jian Yi to lick it clean.
  • He has pale hair, yellow eyes, and no eyebrows, like Jian Yi.
  • Like He Tian, he started out as a nameless faceless background character who rose to the surface.
  • In September 2017, Old Xian released a series of chibis, revealing that She Li was merely his nickname.