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Zhan Zi Qian is Zhan Zheng Xi's younger sister. Her brother calls her Zi Xi, similar to how Jian Yi calls him Xi Xi.


Zi Qian has long brown hair tied into two pigtails and bangs across her forehead. She has large grey-blue eyes

Zi Qian is very attached to her brother and is greatly suspicious of Jian Yi due to his action towards Zheng Xi. She is easily appeased and acts in a teasing sisterly way towards Zheng Xi so that he’d pay attention to her.


In Chapter 189, Zheng Xi mentions that she used to live separately from him when they were younger. He says she lived with their grandma which is why Jian Yi never saw her hang around them much when they were younger. It is yet to be known why they lived separately.

Zheng Xi forgets her birthday and Jian Yi attempts to give her a less than satisfactory present in its place.

She is the indirect reason Jian Yi kisses Zheng Xi due to her untimely arrival and attack with a door.

Zi Qian often shows up unannounced to see her brother such as in his room and when he’s with Jian Yi causing awkward misunderstanding.


  • Not given a name until chapter 190.
  • Renamed in September 2017, Old Xian released a series of chibis changing her name to Zi Qian, making Zi Xi her nickname.
  • Usually beats Zheng Xi at video games.
  • Deeply dislikes Jian Yi and thinks he's creepy.
  • Has a terrible habit of opening doors at the exact wrong time.
  • Indirectly responsible for Jian Yi kissing her brother and coming out to him.
  • Zi Xi is pronounces Dzee Shee.
  • Qian is pronounced Chyan, with the a in candy.


  • "Brother is truly the handsomest.." - about Zhan Zheng Xi
  • "Did you just say 'video games'? I wanna play too!"